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Student Org of the Week: Muslim Student Association


By Bryce Calabaza 

Muslim Student Association

This week’s Student Organization of the Week is the University of Houston-Downtown’s Muslim Student Association (MSA). MSA has been dedicated to sharing the culture of Islam with the UHD Community since it was formed in Fall 2017.  

MSA Officers: Fnu Ayesha, President; Hafsa Khalil, Vice President of Administration; Fatima Adenwalla, President of Finance; Mariam Oriyomi, Event Coordinator. 

MSA Faculty Advisors: Dr. Hamida B. Qavi, Chemistry Lecturer; Dr. Zahir Latheef, Assistant Professor of Management.

Mission: The Muslim Student Association is a cultural and religious organization that mainly focuses on spreading the message of Islam. They are concerned with spreading diversity and education through Islam into the UHD community. 

Membership: MSA has 150 members. The organization is waiving its membership fees for the Fall 2021 semester. Membership fees are typically $10 per semester or $15 for the academic year.

For more information, contact MSA at msauhdowntown@gmail.com or follow them on Instagram: @msa_uhd. 

Upcoming Events:  

Henna & Fried Chicken Charity Event

When: Oct. 25

Time: 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Where: Mural Area

Description: UHD students have a chance to get free henna art and fried chicken with members of UHD MSA.


Bake Sale 

When: Oct. 29 

Time: TBD 

Where: Dawah Center Downtown and Maryam Islamic Center 


Message From The Organization: “We welcome the Islamic community as well as those from any background or faith with open arms. We strive for unity through diversity and education.”