16:42 PM

President Blanchard Invites Students to Share Feedback at Monthly Luncheon

UHD President's  Lunch Series

A monthly lunch series with UHD President Loren J. Blanchard and students continues to ignite meaningful discussions on how the University can better serve its community and enhance the collegiate experience. 

On Friday, Jan. 21, key issues like parking, academic advising, financial aid, student engagement, customer service communication and counseling were discussed. These topics also arose from the UHD's Enrollment Management Student Exploration and Future Needs Survey in 2021. 

Selected students were chosen to participate through various campus clubs and organizations, including Student Activities, Community Engagement & Service Learning, the Gator Success Center, as well as Men of L.E.G.A.C.I.

Jesus Nieto, a UHD junior and political science major, attended the lunch and expressed interest in seeing counseling services expanded on campus as well as increased student engagement. 

“I am happy for all of the growth and experiences I've gained at this University and am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities on campus,” he said. 

UHD senior and Urban Education major Brittney Smith said she would like to see the University expand its focus on transfer students, like herself. 

“I want all transfer students to have the college experience they are looking for and in the same way freshmen students receive,” Smith said. “Orientations, tours and priority for financial aid are also essential to our transfer students success.” 

Smith says the President's effort to get to know students' concerns during monthly lunches offers reassurance that the University cares about its students and community. 

“I think that what the president is doing is an amazing idea that will hopefully facilitate a lot of changes needed on campus," Smith said. "Being able to come to him and voice our concerns without things being sugar-coated shows me that this administration cares about the needs of all UHD students.”