16:30 PM

Interim President's Message - Recent Events at U.S. Capitol

Good Afternoon Gators,

Spring 2021 is a few days away, but I know other matters might be distracting you from upcoming classes … namely, Wednesday's events at our nation's Capitol.The scenes we witnessed on the news were startling and at times, frightening. Like many of you, I found myself deeply unsettled by these events. Although order was ultimately restored, those images remain within our memories.

As UHD's Interim President, I am reaching out to let you know that your University is here for you. Your mentors on campus, your professors, and others are available for you during a very trying time in our nation. Other resources are available for you as well. Student Counseling Services remain open virtually, and our outstanding Social Work Program continues its online Solidarity Circles initiative in which community members can share thoughts and concerns with peers in a constructive, civil environment.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to be there for each other. Call those friends who might need to hear a friendly voice right now. Let your fellow students know you're there for them.As Gators, you are well aware that the University has a long history of community and civic engagement. Let's continue this mission by not only supporting each other but our fellow Houstonians in a safe and lawful manner. Work with your mentors to create meaningful conversations that effect change and promote understanding.

Above all, let's strive for social justice in a way that does not advocate violence or unlawful actions. As an institution of higher learning, we are committed to the preservation of democracy, to the system of shared values that empowers all persons to take part in the process of civil discourse that makes this country great.

Emotions are running high, but it is imperative that we remain calm as we approach the start of the semester. Most importantly, let's be there for each other at this time and set the example for others. As a community, we can rise above the greatest of challenges and emerge stronger than before.




Antonio D. Tillis, Ph.D.
Interim President
University of Houston-Downtown