14:17 PM

Gator Success Center Offers Preparation Tips for Final Exams

Having the right study tools and mindset can play a crucial role when preparing for finals. Now that the end of the semester is here, the Gator Success Center has tips to help ensure students achieve their best when taking exams.

Here are some of the ways you can get ahead and study smarter:

1. Take Care of Yourself: Filling up on junk food can hinder your ability to study. Instead, consume balanced, “brain foods,” like fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats to keep your mind fueled. Make sure you’re also getting enough rest the night before an exam.

2. Test Your Knowledge: Once you know the format of your final exam, create or take a practice exam based on how you think the test may be structured. This will help ensure you have a deep understanding of your study materials. You can even team up with a classmate or study group to quiz each other.

3. Focus on Understanding: Finding ways to memorize and repeat facts means you can apply the knowledge to various scenarios and how it relates to other concepts. Remember, college tests often test understanding, not just memorization.

4. Create Your Own Study Guide: While some professors may provide a study guide, creating your own and outlining the information you need to learn can help you understand the material better.

5. Stay Focused: Keep your mind on track by taking a break from your phone and friends. Try listening to instrumental music, using noise-canceling headphones and putting your phone on airplane mode to help keep you focused while you study.

6. Meet With Your Professor: A one-on-one with your instructor can give you insights on what to study and how to prepare better. Consider emailing your professor to see how you can best connect with them to get any remaining questions answered before finals.

7. Color Code Your Notes: Create a system that allows you to color code material that may on the exam. You can even differentiate which information is most important to least important by color. This can help you focus on the most important information you need for your exam.

8. Prioritize Your Study Time: Some exams will be more difficult than others while some are easier to prepare for. Evaluate your exam schedule to determine how you should prioritize your studying.

9. Study for the Style of the Exam: An effective way to study is by practicing how the exam will be delivered. If it’s multiple-choice, choose which definitions and concepts you’ll need to know for essay exams, focus on your understanding of any concepts that may be presented.

Here are some of the many quiet areas to study on campus:

1) UHD Library Study Rooms

2) Second-floor study area across from SGA offices

3) Academic building fourth-floor - four open study rooms and study carrels, computers

4) Sciences and Technology lounge

5) 5th-floor study carrels - The NW corner of the 5th floor is reserved for quiet individual study. Available during library hours.