14:31 PM

Campus Career Programs Offer Job Hunting Tips for Graduating Gators

With graduation quickly approaching, many soon-to-be Gator Grads have one goal in common: landing a job and putting their education to work. The search can be daunting, especially in a pandemic economy.  

While Class of 2020 grads faced one of the worst job markets of any class, there is some good news for the Class of 2021! 

 According to a report by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute, employers are optimistic about 2021-2022 hiring with 53% of starting salaries expected to increase and hiring bachelor’s degree talent expected to increase by 15 percent.  

Finding the right job and getting hired can be a much easier process with the right tools and advice. The University of Houston-Downtown’s Main Career Center and Marilyn Davies College of Business Career Center offers the following tips for upcoming graduates still on the hunt for a secure job:  

  • As LinkedIn Career Strategist Andrew Seaman wrote, “Networking is one of the most important elements of a successful career and job search.” And, remember, it’s not only about making connections with new people. Reach out to friends, former co-workers, neighbors. A simple “happy holidays” message can renew old acquaintances and strengthen your network. 

  • Try not to take a break from job searching. Many companies try to make hires at the end of the year to start the New Year fully staffed or soon after. Unfortunately, taking a break may mean you miss out on great opportunities. 

  • Customize your resume and cover letter to each job for which you apply. Look for keywords in the job posting and include them in your resume to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

  • Strengthen your knowledge of the virtual meeting and productivity tools used by the industries you are applying to. If the position you’re seeking isn’t 100% remote, there may be aspects of the job that will take place remotely, and you want to be prepared.  

  • Practice interviewing and hone interviewing skills by taking part in mock interviews. The Main Career Center and the Marilyn Davies College of Business Career Center offer a mock interview module within our Jobs4Gators and GatorHired! platform that students can access 24/7 to practice interviewing. Over 50 pre-recorded mock interviews are available that career coaches and professionals created for general use or designed for specific majors. The module also includes over 1,000 pre-recorded questions from which students may choose to build their own custom interviews. Students may also ask their career coach to provide feedback and rate student performance, giving them a better chance of acing their interviews.   

For additional information, contact the UHD Main Career Center at 713-221-8980 or uhdcareer@uhd.edu, or UHD Marilyn Davies College of Business Career Center at 713-221-5011 or cobcareercenter@uhd.edu.